July 25, 2008

MyDock has moved

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MyDock download has moved from codeplex to http://alexezh.googlepages.com


July 22, 2008

MyDock 0.9.1027

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New Features

* Added multimonitor support (first version, no configuration UI yet)
o To switch to the second monitor, add 1 to dock.xml and restart the dock.


* Fixed refresh problem after screen resolution change
* Fixed memory leak (time will tell if this is the last one)
* Added delay for showing dock when new window is activated
* Fixed problem with context menus showing behind dock
* Updated visual for window manager dock
* Add hover indicator to tray menu

July 21, 2008


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After playing with Google desktop gadgets for a while, I decided to implement support for Web gadgets first. Much easier to do plus covers 90% of interesting functionality.

Yesterday got the first result; google clock is running on dashboard. Well, almost running, gadget size is wrong.

July 16, 2008

MyDock 0.9.1025

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Lot’s of updates and bug fixes.

Lately I am spending most of the time on implementing OSX style dashboard and support for google gadgets. Google or Vista sidebars take too much space on screen and provide constant distraction. Old style windows active desktop provides similar functionality, but it requires hiding all apps (which seems like a destructive action).

Last week mydock dashboard displayed the first picture. To be continued.

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