October 4, 2009

disable venkman output to console

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Venkman produces a lot of output to console which makes it hard to see the output from your extensions. To disable output from venkman, you can update venkman_utils.js in venkman.jar by replacing dd function with an empty function dd = function (){};


debug output from firefox extension

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Start firefox with -console flag

Call dumpln function from your code (copy of code from venkman)

var dumpln;

if (typeof document == "undefined") /* in xpcshell */
dumpln = print;
if (typeof dump == "function") {
dumpln = function (str) {dump (str + "\n");}
} else if (jsenv.HAS_RHINO) {
dumpln = function (str) {
var out = java.lang.System.out;
out.println(str); out.flush();
else {
dumpln = function () {} /* no suitable function */

September 9, 2009

Firefox vs Chrome #2

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Made another attempt to use Chrome 2.x and 3.x. Layout issues seems to be fixed. However there are still problems like
– Navigation back from 404 does not always work (never hit such problems in FF)
– Adding RSS to google reader is not supported

Back to FF.

August 13, 2009

Windows7. Disable hiding windows during Alt-Tab

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Win7 alt-tab hides windows after few seconds timeout. To disable this behavior uncheck “Enable Aero Peek” in the performance dialog.

May 3, 2009

FireFox vs Chrome

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After trying Chrome for a week I got back to FireFox. Main problems with Chrome are
– Increased battery usage. Battery time decreases ~30% when Chrome is running. Does not happen for FF on the same sites
– Chrome renders some sites (like google reader) differently than IE / FF
– Address bar shows prompt for visited sites instead of typed sides like FF.
– In the default configuration does not allow to subscribe to RSS feeds. Shows XML dump in a window

March 1, 2009

myDock 0.9.1051 is released

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New version is available on alexezh.googlepages.com. Update includes minor fixes.

February 22, 2009

Subsclass UserControl in SilverLight

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By default Expression creates custom controls derived from UserControls

partial class MyControl : UserControl

In order to derive from a different class you will have to change code in several places

Define new base class with required virtual methods. Do not make class abstract

public class MyUserControl : UserControl
public virtual void Foo() {;}

Change MyControl to use MyUserControl

partial class MyControl : UserControl
public override void Foo() {;}

Change XAML for MyControl to use

&ltMyUserControl x:Class=”MyControl”&gt

To make Blend happy, add following lines to AssemblyInfo.cs

// Make blend happy
using System.Windows.Markup;
[assembly: XmlnsDefinition(“http://schemas.microsoft.com/client/2007”, “YourNamespace”)]

February 15, 2009

Better version of VS windows hiding tool

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Remembers which windows were shown the last time. Source is available at http://alexezh.googlepages.com/MyMacros.txt

January 25, 2009

Optimize VS workspace by hiding tool windows

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Simple macro toggles all tool windows

Dim showToolWindows As Integer

Public Sub MyToggleToolWindows()

If (showToolWindows = 1) Then

showToolWindows = 0


showToolWindows = 1

End If

For Each window As Window In DTE.Windows

‘ Check that this is a tool window and not a document window.

If (window.Document Is Nothing) Then

‘ hide window.


window.Visible = showToolWindows

Catch exception As Exception

End Try

End If


End Sub

January 11, 2009

SL unmanaged helpers on codeplex

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I posted updated version of unmanaged helpers for accessing SL object model. With helpers you can write code in C++ which matches C# or jscript.

For example here is how to add an event handler to an object

CXcpDelegateT(CObject)::create(this, &CObject::OnMouseEnter));

Source code is available on http://www.codeplex.com/mydock

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